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OK....It has been since September 30th! Yeah, that was my last Blog post! The last month was a Blur! It always is in October for us, my wife's birthday, my daughter's and the end of the SPIN! riding season. It is good, but always a bit of a let down for me. We have so much fun on our rides and after the rides at SPIN! that it is like coming home from an awesome Summer Camp. This is just how it feels, but when I finally look back on our year, I just start to smile, feel better and start planning for 2012. So, that is what I have been doing, a lot of planning, thinking, some riding, some running races, Mountain Bike race, and finally started doing some cross racing just for the intensity and because it is so much fun!

My Bike Life is really full! It always is, but it is morphing into my full time job, which is what I planned on it become at some point in my life. But, no better time than the present! My gig at Bikesource just keeps getting better as I will be spending this next week in San Jose, CA at Specialized Headquarters checking out and riding the latest 2012 bicycle line up. Yeah, that is not going to be too bad! The next step in the bike life is to keep my SPIN! riders pedaling together starting in December! That is right Campers, we are taking this thing inside for awhile! We will be posting an open house invitation, end of the outdoor season bash, stock up on winter indoor trainers, outdoor clothing, and just plain old get together at Bikesource in December. I will be posting this information to the masses once the final details are all lined up. But, it is sure to be a great time and more than anything fun to catch up with you all!

Endurofit is something I encourage you all to check out. This is the type of training plans, indoor training, and when it get's nice out again, outdoor training oportunities. Shores Sports has an agreement with Endurofit for 2012. We have started signing up individuals for coaching and 12 week training programs to start the off-season on the right pedal stroke. I believe you must have a plan to reach your potential, goals, and feel your best for your next challenge. Jeb Stewart has been coaching and working with athletes at all levels for the past 12 years. He has been my coach during my cycling endeavors and I look forward to working closely with Jeb to help cyclist, runners, and multisport athletes reach their potential. My Bio is now up on the Endurofit website. Please feel free to send me an email at if you have any question or have interest in the off season programs. I will have a facility to work from, but that will be announced in the next week or so once we have the schedule set in place. I am pretty excited to work with the athletes who have expressed interest in the programs thus far and look forward to the response once we launch our indoor cycling season.

Cyclocross season is in full swing and I am definetly late to the party! I raced last Saturday, in between my long ride and let me tell you, I need our indoor training plan pretty bad at the moment! I spent most of October running and riding my Mountain bike long miles with low intensity. This was good for many reasons, but not so good for a 45 minute all out battle for cyclocross! So, I am adding some intervals and will see how this season goes? It is so not my focus, but it is too much fun to pass up. Plus, they add great interval and real racing to your program in the off-season, because I am definetly into my off season and have been taking it easy this month, in preparation for the Ironman Training that is about to hit me like a "Brick"!

So, the random photos are some from this last month, here is a brief order:
Berryman Epic!- (Painful day, 6 hr. on the bike, 3 flats and I was happy to finish the event this year. I will plan much better for it in 2012)
Cross Season - Me at my last race in 2010, it is so much fun!
Tour De BBQ - This was an incredible event and I was happy to share the day with several SPIN! Riders along the route and before we rolled out! Thanks to all who participated!
Chief's Game - Taking a Sunday away from the Bike life and trying to enjoy the Chief's Game, but it is hard when they get beat by the Dolphins! Boo!
GO! - This is a little hint for 2012, stay tuned!
KC Z00 - My kids love the Polar Bear and our Zoo is getting better, nice family time.
Des Moines Half - The Start was pretty cool with about 5000 people. I enjoyed the entire event, finished in 1:44, so my running is up and going for the Ironman.
Smikahl- My Best Friend Jeff Smikahl and his Brother in Laws at the Tour De BBQ!
Jaden - I ran a 5K with my daughters friend Jaden. I was honored he asked me to run with him, his dad is overseas for a year. He did great, we ran it in 55 minutes! Pretty good for a 5 year old.
Stan - Stan is the Man! A loyal SPIN! rider who had an awesome idea to raise money for the fight against Cancer. Ever name on his special designed jersey represents someone who he road in honor of at the Tour de bbq. You could donate a dollar to add a name to his jeresy. Not only is the jersey cool, but he raised a fair amount of money in his efforts! GO! STAN!
Doc Tom - One of the regular riders on our Lee Summit Ride. He has improved a lot over the last 2 years. I am glad that we are friends and enjoyed the entire ride with him at the TDBBQ!
Specialized Bikes - This is the 2012 Line up at Bikesource. I am digging the 29er for 2012. Looking forward to riding them this next week in Cali!
Berit- My daughter is 5! She is awesome and if I could really box her up and keep her at this age, I would try to do it. She is the a joy everyday.
Rod - Rod has been a HUGE help and supporter of mine for a few years now. He will be a big part of our Ride Guide Crew for 2012! Thanks Rod!
Gail and Richard Lozoff - This last photo is special, Gail and Richard are co-owners of SPIN! Pizza and without the support of SPIN!, we have no SPIN! rides and our cycling community would have a big void. I appreciate all they do for cycling and for supporting so many charities in our KC Metro area. Cannot think of a better couple to work with all year to put our ideas into motion. If you ever see them at SPIN! tell them thanks! They are special people.

So, hopefully moving forward I will not be too far behind again on this blog? Stay tuned for my Bike Life adventures in California this next week and the announcement for the indoor training programs before the end of this month!


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