Friday, May 20, 2011

Georgia Training Camp Day 2...OUCH!

So the photo's above do not do Justice to how perfect the riding conditions were today! We had a split group today. One group did less climbing than the other, pretty simple way to split it, since the climbing is in every direction when you are in the Mountains. Our group headed out of Helen, GA, up Unicoi Gap, Jacks Gap, up the 3 mile climb with 10-26% grades of Brasstown Bald (Highest Point in the Southeast)and then we tackled the back side of Hog Pen! Hog Pen backwards is no joke and a tough way to finish 6500 feet of climbing in 60 miles. We did the ride in a little over 4 hrs. Little stopping today as we were climbing and descending, then climbing again!

The group is doing really well! We had one rider with us today, that dug deeper than he ever has on a bike. It is tough moments to be 20 miles from the finish, with a 6 mile climb with an average of 12% grade, and have some cramping. We pulled together for this rider and he was well recovered by the climb. During the climb we instructed him to ride at HIS OWN PACE, monitor his fluids and take 2 electrolite replacements as he climbed. He made it to the top and the rest was down hill to our cabin. He admitted that he wanted to call the car to come and get him 2 times during our climb. I cannot be happier for his accomplishment and as you can see from the smiles at the dinner table the group is having a great time. We are missing a few from that picture, but hope you enjoy some of the shots from today.

We did some videos of the downhills and some of the riding. We will need to edit it and post is later. Meaning in a weeks time or so? Endurofit coach, Jeb Stewart will have it on his site down the road under training camps. This was a private camp and has been a great learning experience for us as coaches and the crew that made the commitment to attend. One more day in the Mountains tomorrow to top off a great camp!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

North Georgia, Day 1

The photos above are in order of how we rolled today!

What an incredible day of riding! We covered 75 miles in 4 hr. 45 minutes riding time. The group did great over 5000 feet of climbing. Don't know the exact numbers, but the crew is doing excellent and ready for a Lasagna Feed!

Tomorrow, 3 Gaps plus the famous Brasstown Bald Climb!!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Georgia Trip in less than 12 hours!

I am frantically getting everything finished before leaving at 4 a.m. tomorrow and heading to the North Georgia Mountains for a 3 day training camp with 12 cyclist from Florida. I have known most of them for 8 years or more. We will have some new faces joining us as we tackle some of the famous "Gaps" in this area. One of the toughest climbs will be the 1 mile climb up to the top of Brasstown Bald! I have ridden this before and it is Painful! But, the joy of riding to the top and then going down beats the pain anyday!

The Tour de Georgia has been won and lost on this climb. I once saw Lance Armstrong destroy the field and protect the jersey on this climb for a teammate. Then only for him to get into a helicopter at the top of the climb and fly away! I also ran next to a smiling Mario Chipolini, once the fastest Sprinter in the world, as he was being pushed and paraded up this climb. I do not think he even pedaled once! He was adored by all the fans! Impressive to say the least. I miss the Tour De Georgia, it was an awesome event. An annual trip for many of my friends and I every April. We once had lunch with Frankie Andreau at this race, pre-drug admission, he was a pretty cool dude.

So, we will re-live those days and pound each other into the pavement over the next several days. There will be Cat. 1 - 4 racers on this trip. I know there has been some serious trash talking! But, it is all in fun and helping each other reach our respected goals. I will try to post daily with pictures if possible? Facebook will definetly be updated more often than the blog.

Thanks to my wife and family for understanding this Bike Life obsession! This is the last training push into June and July, some of the toughest races are yet to come!