Friday, December 21, 2012

Tis the Season....To Ride Indoors!

Shores Sports would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy holidays! With the recent snow fall here in the midwest and to celebrate the shortest day of the year, we wanted to extend an incredible offer for an Indoor CycleOps Trainer! This will be available for the next 2 weeks! Shores Sports will continue to present Specials throughout the 2013 cycling season. We are working hard on new events, training plan's, and New for 2013, Cycling Camps! So, stay tuned for the specials and come back often  to see the FREE weekly Indoor Cycling workout. We will post a workout a week from January 7th - February 28th. But, the only way to utilize the workout, is to have an Indoor Trainer. Let Shores Sports help you reach your 2013 cycling goals and dreams! Thanks for your support in 2012. See you all next year, GO!
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Happy Holiday's!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shores Sports Cyber Monday! GO!

Thanks for Participating in Cyber Monday Deals! Stay Tuned for December Specials!

Happy Holidays!


Friday, May 18, 2012

It's GO! Time!

T-Minus 0 Day's! GO! Time!
To the Start of

            This has been one heck of journey! I have so many people to thank for helping me get ready for this event over the past 9 months! I have to start with the Team GO! sponsor's for 2012. They are the best! Thanks to Smither's Customs, if you have a Carbon Fiber bike that has a crack or if you are looking for a new bike paint job, go visit or friend them on Facebook. Steve converted my cracked SL3 into a racing machine again. The paint job is sick and it is a head turner eveywhere I ride it! On the trip down, we had several people standing around the back of the car just staring at the bike. It is really a piece of artwork! I love riding that bike and cannot wait to complete my 1st Ironman Race on that sweet baby!

          I have worked with SPIN! pizza for going on 5 years now! That is right, we are starting our 5th SPIN! Pizza Ride season on June 2nd and I cannot wait to roll with everyone all Summer long. You can see the ride schedule by joining The SPIN! Rides Facebook Page . All the information that you need to know is located on this page or you can click on and view the cycling page on the website. Thank you to SPIN! for all they do for cycling in the communties that they serve. It is an honor to work with you every year! Team GO! Racing will have a blast ride guiding the 2012 rides!

        I want to thank Bikesource of KC for the support this year. I am lucky to have had them on my side during my training and even more fortunate to have been sent to BG FIT school back in November. The knowledge I have gained for proper FIT and how to set a bike up to maximize the rider and bikes potential is priceless. Craig and Travis were great getting my bike ready for this race and have always been there for me while racing on Ethos in 2011 and now as a Sponsor for the Team GO! Racing team. Please visit them if you are ever in KC, Colorado, Ohio, or North Carolina! Thanks to Specialized Bikes, who provides us with a Grassroots Team program that is incredible. It is an honor to ride the brand and represent them on the road, mountain bike, and cyclocross!

        Next is Power Team Coaching! Michael Ruder is a friend first and has been my mentor for the swim training. If you need to fine too any portion of your training or you are looking for a Multi-sport, cycling or just need some Personal training, you will not be disappointed with what Michael can do for you. It was and has been an honor to work with him and when all goes as planned tomorrow I will be the first Ironman that he has coached! A big GO! and thank you to Michael, he will be a ride leader during the SPIN! rides in 2012. Say hi! to him, he is a wealth of knowledge.

The 3 Crazies!!
       Tomorrow the above will be representing my family. My sisters' Brother in laws, from Left Brian Sharp, Scott Sharp, and me! This all started one year ago, it has been a great journey. I cannot be happier knowing that we will all 3 be on the course at the same time tomorrow. Most likely within minutes of each other all day long. This is not a race against each other! This is our way to "Endure to Survive!" That has been our Moto this last year. We have all 3 been through many different challenges in order to get to this day. But, we have made it and you can be dang sure that we are going to do everything within ourselves to make it to the finish line and become an Ironman!

    I last want to thank my family! My enduring wife who has seen the up's and down's of the training and time away from her and the kiddo's. I am blessed to have her strong will and guidance during all of our endeavors. I am most looking forward to finishing this race and then really looking forward to spending some quality time with my family. They deserve it so much for all they have sacrificed for me over the past 9 months preparing for this event. My parent's have also been with us the entire step of the way. I always say that I could write a book about all the incredible things they have and do for our family. Maybe someday I will? Just so our kids will know and understand what great people they have been in so many peoples lives. I love them very much and will look forward to seeing them on course and at the finish line!
   I wanted to end with a few photo's of the last days events and a short video for you all! Thanks to everyone who has liked my runs on facebook to cheer me on, who have posted such kind words and inspiration during all of my training. I look forward to sharing this experience and I hope that in some way it has inspired you to get out and GO!!!

See you all at the Finish Line!

Philippians 4:14 13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Texas Bound!! GO!

ONLY 4 Days!

                    We are packing our bags and will be leaving for Texas soon! Thank you to all who have been following the training and progress for this event. I will post pictures from the race venue and give some final thoughts on this event. Many have asked me how do you follow the race? Just click on Ironman Texas . Once you are on the website, click on Results and then click on Athlete Tracker. Type in my Bib #1704. This will allow you to track my progress on Saturday May 19th. The race begins at 7 a.m. There is also an Ironman Live web cam that is available at the Transition areas. If you know where I am on the course, you might get a glimpse of me coming out of the water or off the bike. I am not sure if it is a live camera at the finish line? I will still check on that information and provide a link in a later post if I find it?

                    I will post once we arrive in Texas, until then, here is a video to keep you occupied. Many people will be racing this weekend for a rare and difficult qualifying spot for the World Championship. This Ironman thing means something different to everyone who toes the line. But make no mistake about it, it is all about getting to that Finishline! See you in Texas!



Monday, May 14, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coaches Come in Many Forms!

9 days!

      When you start down a journey that requires so much time, dedication, and planning, you do not go it alone! I have been riding bikes now in some capacity since I was 14 years old. I started riding for cross training as a competitive speed skater. My speed skating coach at that time was my cousin, Mark Miller. He taught me a lot about weight training, interval training, and most of all how to have fun going after your dreams! He use to tell me all the time to shoot for the moon and you will definetly run into some stars along the way. If there is ever anyone who can calm me down before an event it is my cousin! We went through a lot together during my Speed Skating years and I am so thankful for the gifts of encouragement and a sense of belief in myself that he instilled in me during those years. He was the one who taught me how to actual train for an event! Up until that time of my life all I wanted to do was just play the game or lace up the skates and go fast. He taught me that in order to do well at something, you have to set the goal, train your body, and most of all your mind. That was a lot for a 15 year old to understand and trust me it came with a ton of resistance! But, that is why you have a coach, they know that resistance is coming and how to handle it when you dish it out. Needless to say, it was the ground work for me and many valuable lesson's that came from countless hours of dreaming, planning, training, and competiting.

This is a Bible Verse that he would give me before every big event, true to form, he sent it to me today! What is awesome about this verse is my son's middle name is Timothy. I would have never thought this years ago.:

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
2 Timothy 4:7
  The best coach that I have ever had for life is my Father! He is an incredible person. Many of you might be reading this and shaking your head yes! If you a have been Roller Skating at B&J Skate Center since the early 80's until now, you know what I mean. Because he treated you like he has always treated me, with respect and an understanding that there is good in everyone! He coached our Basketball teams up through 7th grade. We only lost 2 games from 5th grade through 7th grade! Yes, he knows how to get the best out of people and he used everyone on the team. I will never forget the early a.m. practices and actually driving to some players homes and picking them up so they could make practice. I also remember everyone getting a chance to start a game. He has taught me more than a paragraph in a blog can describe. But, I am fortunate and hope to never take a day for granted that he has provided me with insight, inspiration, drive, and determination. Mostly by just being present around him, working for him and with him. I am so determined to see that my kids gain that same understanding. It is priceless, actions speak louder than words and your determination to succeed will guide you through the rough waters. I am one of the lucky ones! I know it and I cherish my moments with my Father.

After I signed up and hit the send back in June for Ironman Texas, I really did not have much of a plan! I was racing my bikes, riding well, and thinking I am in great shape. Add some swimming and some running and I have got this thing. Well, it became very clear to me when I came home from a long hard ride one afternoon in June and tried to start running around the yard with my kids that my running was less than would be desired. It was a site to see! My wife actually started laughing! Not really at me, but she knew that I needed to start running, and soon! She is a competitive runner and watching that short display of my running ablities, we knew that I was in trouble. Hence, we needed a GAME PLAN and COACHING!
  The good news about the running is being married to a wife who has completed several Marathon's including doing Boston twice! So, I have a built in running coach. The cycling I felt like I have handle on, years of that experience and I even have a few half Ironman distance and several triathlon's under my belt from our time in Florida. But, when it came to the swimming, I knew I needed help!
  I met Michael Ruder through KCBC on Facebook. We hit it off, gathered for a group ride one morning and started chating about cycling, coaching, goals, and what we wanted to accomplish in the KC cycling world. It was very evident from the start we were going to get along very well. I did not tell him much about my Ironman at first, it was early and I was still in bike race mode this past Summer. It was not until I started my running training in late July that I mentioned the Ironman to Michael. We started to discuss the event, started discussing what my game plan would be, and then he told me about his years of swimming experience. I knew this was going to be a great fit for my Swimming training! Michael has been a true professional to work with during my swim training. I finally got back in the pool a little bit before the Aqua Pain Cave sessions began in January. Once we started into the swimming, I was so glad that I hired Power Team Coaching! I can design a lot of cycling and running programs, but it had been a while since I put together any sort of structured swimming workouts. My base line 4000 meter swim back in January took me 1 hr. 32 minutes! I was pretty freaked out by that time, I had my work cut out for me before May 19th. Michael put me through one heck of a swimming program over the last 4 months and I am very comfortable with the 2.4 mile distance. I did my last 4000 meter swim in 1 hr. 17 minutes. My fastest has been 1 hr. 15 minutes.

  We have reached our goal in the water. Cut my swim time down by working on Form, some power, and most of all being comfortable for the long distances in the water. I will be mid pack or maybe slower on the swim. I am ok with that as the bike will be next and I will be ready to get on my bike after that long warm-up!

  If you are training for any cycling or multi-sport event, Michael can help you reach those goals! Message him on Facebook or simpley start coming out to the SPIN! rides starting June 2nd and you will meet Michael. He will be adding to his coaching resume after May 19th! I will be the 1st Ironman that he has trained since he started his coaching business. I will make sure of it!

More on my training to follow. I will give you the low-down of the 4th event when it comes to the Ironman. Anyone know what that might be?

Have a great day!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

                                                             11 DAYS!!!! Bib # 1704
                                                        Daily updates starting May 9th!!

                                                             Endure to Survive! GO!