Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st ..... It is Go time!

That is right Sports Fans! It is go time around here...I know that the Etho's Team is starting a string of racing all over the place this weekend! Some are heading to Nebraska and some of us are finishing up some unfinished business at the Spring Fling Series on Saturday. I am looking forward to racing and riding in some Sunshine and maybe even show some skin on Saturday?? Who knows, but I do know this, the season is starting, Ready or Not?

My wife and Brother-in-law will be taking on the Rock the Parkway running race. Ashley is doing the Half Marathon and Brent is taking on his first 10K running race! This is a monumental moment for Brent as he has really been dedicated to a healthier lifestyle and we are excited that he is taking on this challenge. For Ashley, it will be the first long race of the year for her. So, lot's of carbo-loading in our household tonite and Light's out will be a little earlier!

That is the brief update! Race reports will be in by Monday! Good luck to all who are lacing up the running shoes or taking to the road or dirt on the bike this weekend. Hope to see many smiling faces at the races!