Thursday, February 17, 2011

SPIN! Ride Route L.S.

It has been nice here this week. Well, let me re-phrase that one, it has been nice here this week for February in Kansas City! That is more like it. I was able to meet up with one of the SPIN! Riders to check out our Lee Summit SPIN! Route. I love this ride, it takes us out into the country a bit and it is fairly free of traffic and stoplights. The roads were in fairly good condition around the lake, but still heavy amounts piled up along the sides of the road, so luckily we never had to bail out of the way of any traffic!

Increased my mileage over the last 8 days. It really picks up for next week as I will be training in New Mexico and Arizona. I am really looking forward to those miles and not being covered in clothing! Bring on the heat!

Tonight I am heading over to the New Bikesource location in Leawood to check out the open house. A ton of my Etho's teammates will be there along with a little known guy by the name of Ned Overend. Only the most decorated professional mountain biker in the world. I am sure a picture or two from this event will make an appearance on this blog soon!