Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A different path....and back to my roots a bit!

This is my dog Cadence. Properly named by a friend of mine from Florida. She is 6, lean and fast! We consider her our 1st child. Just ask my family! We have been doing a bit of running together the last few weeks. Running in the snow is fun, but you feel it the next morning. You do not hear me say running and fun very often in the same sentence. Something about running with my dog must be the reason? Great Calf workout for sure!

The past 5 weeks I have chosen to take things in a little different direction for 2011. I have added a true strength training program to the mix. The first few weeks of the deal, I could not move. Seriously, I had to pull myself up our steps and going down I would slide down them with my boy!! He thought it was fun! I laughed, but I knew if I walked down it would be too painful! I am member of https://healthridgefitness.com/ . We have been members here for awhile now, over 2 years. I used the membership when I could not go outside, but avoided the weights like the plague most of the time. Yeah, I did a few things from my past experience as an Athletic Trainer, but it was nothing like I am doing now. Sofia Rodriguez is my strength trainer, she is great! She is a professional in her own right. She does numerous fitness competitions. I felt that it was a good move to go with someone who is a non-cyclist, but understands what and where I am trying to go with everything in 2011. Communication is the key and I still manage my cycling side of my workouts. She handles the strength training. So far, so good! Yes, i have read, studied and can put together a pretty solid program myself. But, knew if I was going to do this right this year. I needed some help in the strength training department!

We started out with some basic stuff to get me back into the groove and some muscle memory back from my past experiences in the weight room. I was very skeptical of my decision to go down this road my first few weeks! But, today marked our 7th session together and it is really starting to pay off! The basics are over and we have moved into the fun stuff! Functional training for the sport you love. We did things today that I have not done in close to 12 years! The fact that my body remembers how to do certain movements has been weird at times and exciting. It is amazing how muscle has memory! I start off some of my sets a bit wobbley and by the 3rd or 4th set it is right on the money and proper form and function is stressed over how much weight we are lifting.

Back in my days before bike racing I speed skated. Today during our workout, we went old school. It was fun! Doing some of my old plyometric exercises had some good memories flowing back. It did nothing but motivate me more during the workout today. Good Stuff!!


We did our first re-evaluation on Friday. I was honestly nervous! We checked some basic stuff, body fat, weight, body part measurements, and then put everything into the computer. The numbers were fun to see, not much change on the weight side. But when comparing lean body weight to fat weight, I had gained 3 lbs of muscle and my overall body weight had not changed. I have lost 2 inches on my waist, gained a little in the arms and lost some in the hips. Crazy how the body adapts to different physical stresses! I had read a lot this last few months about proper race weight. So, knowing that my weight had not changed much was a bit concerning after all the working out I have been doing. But, remember we are on a different path! So, this is a good sign! Muscle weighs more than fat and having more lean muscle to produce power and watts with on the bike this Spring and Summer will be just fine by me!

SPIN! and Riding:

This is all part of my Bike Life, but SPIN! and just riding my bike are a part of every week. We have been working on some cool projects for this Summer. It includes deals with Bike Shops, special promotions for select rides, and a grand daddy build up to the best giveaway ever by SPIN! I mean, I was floored by the thought of it, the fact that SPIN! is looking into this is going to be incredible. I am not very good at keeping a secret, so I better move on! Just know that we are going to have another AWESOME SPIN! cycling season! If you do not come out and ride with us, it is your fault! You will miss out!

With all the Snow, my riding outside has been limited. I did get caught out in the snow storm last Wedensday late afternoon which was fun for awhile, but then got kinda weird! I was glad to be home safely. The Bike Trainer is getting some mileage and I have mixed up the routine with some running for cross traininig.

Life is good in my Bike Life. I had two events happen today that could add some more interesting things to the mix this Summer or sooner. I will let you know more as they progress and become a reality? We shall see? But they are really cool opportunities that could benefit many riders in the community and add to my Bike Life experience! Fun Stuff!

Hope to see you on the Road or maybe even in the Gym soon??