Monday, November 14, 2011

California Dreamin!

Today has been a long day of Traveling to San Jose, CA. I am here to attend the BG Fit Course at Specialized Bicycles. This has been one of the premier Bike Fit Training Course's in the world of cycling. Dr. Andy Pruitt is the creator of the program and I am thankful to be out here for many reason's. Most of all the experience of mixing some of my Athletic Training Knowledge in with bicycle fitting. It is funny how what you have done in your past can still help build on your future. Knowing how the body moves during athletic competition, injury prevention, and most of all my experiences with varies disciplines in this sport will all help in my understanding of how to FIT someone properly on a bike for whatever they desire to do on a bike. That in itself sounds pretty easy, but it actual can be more of a mix of science and art to get that proper fit. So, needless to say, I am more than excited about tomorrow and the rest of this week.

I shot a few photo's on the way out. One is from the back of the Hotel. When I got here, I need a workout after sitting on a plane for more than 4 hours and hanging out in airports. So, i laced up the shoes and did a nice run toward those hills. It was only a mile to them and I was on some pretty cool running trails. I was starting to get into it and then I decided I really did not know where I a was going and did not see anyone around, so made the wise choice of turning around and running back to the hotel. Jumped on the indoor bike for awhile and did my 30 minute strength workout. The "S" picture need's no explanation. The other picture was out of the Plane Window at about 30K Feet. I thought it looked pretty wild, almost as if that Mountain was an Island in the middle of Utah somewhere? Pretty Crazy how all of that area appears to be Salt Fields and then you have this mammoth mountain in the middle of all of it.

The Top Picture is of our ride that is scheduled for tomorrow. We get a lunch ride just about everyday we are here. It appears that we will be on road bikes everyday. We were able to pick bikes that we wanted to ride prior to coming out for the school. I of course choice the Tarmac SL4, The Venge, and the Roubaix. Not sure which I will get my hands on first, but it really doesn't matter! They are all incredible bikes! I am curious as to how the Venge Climbs? If you have followed me this year, you know that I have ridden my SL3 in New Mexico up a 10,000 Footer and all over the North Georgia Mountains. That is my only question about the Venge? It is a super fast bike! I road one during the Team Garmin ride and hit 38 mph with not much effort in a sprint. So, maybe I will get my chance? The ride tomorrow is the actual 2006 Tour of California Time Trial Route. That is pretty cool!

I hope you all had a great weekend and have been able to keep riding outside. It has been an incredible Fall for riding! It is suppose to be pretty awesome weather here all week. I see that the weather in KC this weekend is going to be warm again, which will call for some serious saddle time when I get home as well. I wanted to say thanks to Bikesource for sending me out here, it is going to be a spectacular week and most likely will be one of the top highlights of my Bike Life this year!

I will get some pics tomorrow and keep you posted!


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  1. JP, Sure am pleased for what you are getting to experience this week, I am certain it will pay great dividends in the future. Perhaps one day I will be able to swing a BG bike fit with you.