Thursday, June 2, 2011

June, SPIN! Rides and Bike Saftey!

My Bike Life is in full GO! The SPIN! rides are all up and running. We have had a great average of close to 50 riders at each event this year so far! I say event, because coming to a SPIN! ride is a mini event every Monday Night, Wednesday Night, and Saturday Morning. All types come to the ride, just like all types of riders join in on charity rides, MS 150's and the Tour de BBQ. We have riders who just pulled the bike out for the 1st time, to full on race ready riders. But, that is what is so great! We all come to have fun, learn from each other and enjoy time talking about cycling and life in general post ride! All in the comfort of one of the SPIN! locations in KC. If you have not heard, SPIN! is coming to Lenexa, KS. I am so looking forward to adding another event to the SPIN! riding calendar for 2012 out of that location. Each location has it's own unique riding area and Lenexa, KS will not disappoint us in that area as well. Stay tuned to SPIN! for all of the upcoming cycling EVENTS. Go to the Summer Cycling section of the site and click through the benefits of riding at a SPIN! ride ONCE this year!

Lot's of free socks are on the horizon for next weeks rides. The 1st 75 riders Monday, Wednesday and Saturday will receive a cool new pair of SPIN! cycling socks. Plus if it is your first SPIN! ride of 2011, then you need to make sure you pick up your Bike Shop Discount card. Various shops in KC area are giving SPIN! riders a discount by presenting this card. The shops have there own discounts on products built in, so you need to visit all the shops to see what you can get with this card!

I will be the moderator for a Bike Safety Panel this Saturday June 4th at 11 a.m. at the Kansas City Library SPIN! will be providing Food for all post discussion and Family Bikes along with Bikesource will be providing Free Bike Checks! This is not an overhaul on your rig! But, a nice way to have a pro check out your ride and make sure it is safe for the riding season. We will still have our Saturday Ride at 9:30 a.m. at Lee Summit for those who cannot make it to our Panel discussion.

Last but not least! It is SUMMER! I rode today and it was hot and humid! Far cry from what it was here a week ago! It is time to start putting more than just water in your water bottles before, during and after your rides! Shores Sports is now an Advocare Distributor. We have had a lot of success with helping people lose 8-10 pounds in 24 days. We are also seeing the benefit of the products on the bike and off. If you are riding regularly this Summer and training for the Tour de BBQ. I recommend the Advocare products and here is why!

1. SPARK! is great for on and off the bike! Tons of Vitamins and Minerals. It does contain caffeine, but very low in Calories. (If you substitute SPARK for coffee, soda or sweat tea, you will LOSE weight! Feel better and be better hydrated for your rides)

2. REHYDRATE This product is used with SPARK or without during your rides. You need to carry 2 bottles when you ride. One with water and another with an electrolyte replacement! That is where the rehydrate has helped me during my racing and to REHYDRATE before or after a ride! Drinking water alone in the heat or hot weather, will not be enough to replenish what your body is experiencing will riding in the HEAT! This is a scientific fact!

3. The 24 day Challenge. This is a great way to start re-educating yourself and your body as to how to eat better and lose some weight at the same time. The average person loses 8-10 pounds during this 24 day period. Better yet, it set's you on a way without starving yourself to diet. Why is weight an issue in Summer riding!? It will take less energy for the body to cool itself, it will be more efficient, and you will go faster uphill!! Power to weight ratio is the name of the game for climbing up hill on a bike or running uphill! This is also a proven fact!

Here is where you can find these products: Shores Sports Click on become a distributor, it is $79.00. You get $50.00 in product, mainly SPARK and best of all, you can continue to shop for the 24 day challenge, Rehydrate, and Post workout recovery products at a 20% discount! You also get Shores Sports as an advisor toward your weight loss or cycling goals! You can email me directly at if you have any questions about proper nutrition on or of the bike!

So, there is a lot going on in my bike life! How about you? Post a comment below, telling me what your favorite part of your bike life is and what is your goal for the Summer of 2011!

Hope to see you all soon!

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