Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Colorado Springs Day 2

Today was a pretty cool day! I had meetings at Carmichael Training Center and then headed out on a cool Mountain Bike Group ride just outside of Colorado Springs, Co called Palmer Lake. The views were unreal and the single track was a little more like home. Except for the boulders, the granite rocks and oh yeah starting the ride at 7000 Ft.! So, no it was nothing like riding in KC area, but there are good and bad to all areas you ride. I posted some pictures of a lot of the good stuff on this ride! Thanks to Cameron and Amber Chambers for letting me crash at there home and to Cam for showing off some pretty cool trails in his backyard! (Seriously, they start from his back yard!)

There is no doubt that this area is a Mecha for cycling! I can see why many people fall deeply in love with it for many reasons. It is so nice to have friends who live out here and have a nice place to crash after a long day of riding! That is what the Bike Life is about! Meeting so many people from the experience of riding a bike at all ability levels. You can learn from everyone you meet. Learn new trails, new training techniques, and most of all just solidify another long list of great people who ride bikes into your life.

I am leaving early in the a.m. to get back for the Wednesday Nite SPIN! ride at Main Street in Kansas City, MO. I hope to see more of my Bike Life Friends and enjoy another ride together in yet another beautiful city!

Good Nite! See you on the road!


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