Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Daily Sample....Day 7

Day 7...Recovery Day from Training
Just a quick snap shot of the day's intake!
Soy Milk with Cheerio's
Coffee / Soy Milk
Snack 10 a.m.
Hard Boiled Egg
Bowl of Chili
Lemon Aide
Afternoon Snack
Gluten Free Pretzels with  Mustard dip / All Gluten Free
Fetticini Alfredo with Grilled Chicken
Using the small Bowls for portions
Spiniach Salad with Tomato's 1 Egg chopped up and Cilantro
Ice Tea (Not Sweet Tea!)
Will have a cup of mixed Nuts later tonight
Take my 3 Advocare Cleanse Pills
Lights out!
Steady eating all day, small portions, never felt hungry! Love the Grape Spark!
I am at the point where I do not have the sugar cravings. The Spark helps curb it and provides a ton of B Vitamins with some Caffeine to keep me moving all day. By Feeding my metabolism all day with the right choices, it will keep my me steady without feeling the crash or feeling Beloted.
Tomorrow I have some saddle time, so let's see how the diet looks after tomorrow? Having fun!

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