Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Texas Bound!! GO!

ONLY 4 Days!

                    We are packing our bags and will be leaving for Texas soon! Thank you to all who have been following the training and progress for this event. I will post pictures from the race venue and give some final thoughts on this event. Many have asked me how do you follow the race? Just click on Ironman Texas . Once you are on the website, click on Results and then click on Athlete Tracker. Type in my Bib #1704. This will allow you to track my progress on Saturday May 19th. The race begins at 7 a.m. There is also an Ironman Live web cam that is available at the Transition areas. If you know where I am on the course, you might get a glimpse of me coming out of the water or off the bike. I am not sure if it is a live camera at the finish line? I will still check on that information and provide a link in a later post if I find it?

                    I will post once we arrive in Texas, until then, here is a video to keep you occupied. Many people will be racing this weekend for a rare and difficult qualifying spot for the World Championship. This Ironman thing means something different to everyone who toes the line. But make no mistake about it, it is all about getting to that Finishline! See you in Texas!



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  1. Going to be and exciting and very grueling experience. Probably the most grueling thing you have done to date. But you have trained very well for it, I was pleased to be a small part of that training! As you have told me many times, eat before you are hungry and drink before you are thirsty! You won't do well without proper fuel.

    We will be doing a Lee Summit unSpun Spin ride during your race. My plan is to pray for you before we start. Chances are it will be with Dr. Tom, Rod, Pam, me and perhaps others. Right now it looks like some nice weather for your IM. 68 at the start with a high of 86 and humidity at 67%, wind from the SE at 9mph. These are all things you have dealt with. I am praying for calm waters (as calm as they can be with a large # of swimmers) and a comfortable breeze for the ride and run. If God has other plans, then I pray that He will strengthen you even beyond the strength that you already have from the training you have been doing. Know that while we can't be with you on this endeavor, the many of us that are praying will be with you in that way. And when you hit that finish line, you will have Ashley and the kids ready to give you some needed hugs and kisses!!

    Pace yourself! Steady pace while you ride. I am speaking as one who has never done anything like this before, but I would guess that your first time doing something like this, the goal is to finish. If you push to hard on the bike, you may not leave enough in the tank for the run. No body knows your body like you do, trust your instincts! Race with your heart and also with your head. At any rate, I have rambled on too much. Well maybe one last word.......GO!