Friday, July 22, 2011


This is a quick service reminder to make sure you are consuming enough liquid during the day or night before you ride? It does not take much in this heat to get yourself into trouble! We have been providing water and Electrolytes at the SPIN! Rides and adding a Hydration stop along the routes. When it is this hot, your body cannot keep up with the fluid you are losing and most of all the Electrolytes that keep your muscles firing correctly. It is important to carry atleast 2 bottles of hydration per hour of riding time! So, that means, you need one bottle with water, the other with an electrolyte mix! Any of your favorite bike shops should have a nutrition area in which they carry these products. Find someone that is knowledgable about the products or you can talk to me at the next SPIN! ride! I will guide you in the correct direction for electrolytes and for post ride replenishment products.

It is important when you are not on the bike to drink enough water during the day that you are using the restroom frequently! This also goes for during the middle of the nite! If you do not have to get up once the nite before a big ride or a ride in this heat, make sure you start sipping on a water bottle all the way up until your event starts. Your body will get rid of what you do not need! But, you can easily lose up to 4 pounds in an hour of liquid while working out in this heat. My days of living and racing in Florida helped me understand this very quickly! It is miserable to get stuck out with heat cramps and not be able to enjoy the rest of your ride and even worse, the rest of your day!!

So, DRINK BEFORE YOU ARE THIRSTY! Have 2 bottles with you, one with water, the other with an Electrolyte Mix, and most of all wear some suncreen that is designed for exercise! You want to sweat in this heat, in order to cool your body!

That is your public service announcement for today! Here is a link to SPIN! Check out our rides and our Tour De BBQ promo! See you on the Road!


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