Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 3 of Camp....Back Home!

This trip is going into my top 5 cycling trips of all time. One of my top 3 trips was in this very location in 2006. But, the experience of riding with friends and new riders to the this area is priceless. The last day of riding found us in uncharted territory. We road out past Helen, GA over to a Lake Bristol. It was pretty impressive riding around the rolling terrain near the lake, up and out of the area and back toward Unicoi Gap. We only scheduled one major climb on this route, but had several rollers, but nothing to break the legs. The toughest part about the last climb of the training camp, was the fact that it came upon us 55 miles into the final day of riding! It was not a leg breaker, but just enough that you were glad to see the summit and get over the top!

We had a FAST ride down Unicoi, back into the town of Helen, GA. We had a 3 person paceline on a downhill descent. It was a highlight of the trip for me, there is nothing like motoring in a paceline. We had pure adrenaline pumping from the downhill and nobody wanted to give in since this was the last effort of the day! We rolled into Helen and eased up on the gas for the last 3 miles to the cabin. We had smiles on our faces and we were ready to get down to some Georgia Barbecue!

The pictures above are a few of my favorite. The pond was directly behind our cabin. Very peaceful! The horizon daytime picture was from the top of Brasstown Bald. One of the most satisfying moments of the trip. It is also the highest point in the Southeast United States. Then there are the parting shots the morning that I left our get away. They are from the Top of Hog Pen, I had to drive over it to start my journey home. It was a great way to start a long drive. The last picture is of my kids. The best part about getting home, home in time to hang out with the kids before they or we all hit the sack!

If you have ever wanted to participate in any sort of training camp. Organized or one that you put together with a bunch of friends. I highly recommend this area of the country. The climbing is great and the altitude is not such that you are ripping your lungs out! The Spring Time in Georgia is kind enough that the humidity has not set in too much and the nights are cool! You can also bring a fishing pole or tube down the gentle rivers that run through this area of Helen, GA. I will definitely be back, sooner than later!

Now, it is time to recover and focus in on the June and July races in this area. See you on the road, a SPIN! Ride or at the races!


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