Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunset Ride....Nice and Easy!

I made it to Albuquerque, NM in good time, 13 hr total! I had forgotten about the time change and got really excited knowing that extra hour was going to give me the time I needed to get in a quick easy ride. I had several stops along the way as I am staying and training at about 5000 ft. I was trying to hydrate the entire drive, which meant several rest stops! Good thing I was traveling alone on this trip, it was starting to annoy me how often I was stopping, but you must hydrate to ride or enjoy riding in Altitude.

I took a nice evenning spin near my friends house. It is amazing to ride with bike lanes! So nice! Much safer and the roads are very nice here. Had a good stretch of freshly paved road and some awesome scenery as you can tell from the picture above.

Today I have been working a little and then we are heading out for 3-4 hr. We are riding what is called Jemez Dam and Placitas. It is steady rollers and one steady 9 mile climb with about 3-5% grade. Should be a nice day here Sunny and about 60 for a high. No wind!!!

I miss my kids waking me up this a.m.! That is weird! Getting out of your normal routine in nice, but I miss the family already. Technology is awesome as I will be able to talk to them via iphone facetime later today. We are lucky to live in the times of ever increasing technology! If you use it properly it will allow you freedoms you could not have ever experienced 10 years ago.

Gotta get going...Hope you can ride where you live today!

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